About public organization
The public organization "Mongoose" supports the preservation and enhancement of sports traditions, the popularization and development of mass sports and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.
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"Sport ambassador of peace"
Pierre de Coubertin
"Спорт - посол мира"

Public organization

The main goal of the public organization "Mongoose" is the popularization and development of mass sports, the revival of sports traditions in Ukraine. The increase in the number of young people systematically engaged in physical culture and sports, leading a healthy lifestyle is a priority in our work.

Public organization "Mongoose" does not belong to any political party, it is a purely social movement that contributes to the preservation and augmentation of traditions laid down by the leading sportsmen and coaches of the past, restores the sports movement to the life of the state and the people of Ukraine.


Development of sport and promotion of a healthy lifestyle
Help for the disabled and veterans
Patronage of orphanages and boarding schools
Community-useful events


The "Mongoose" organization invites public organizations, legal entities and individuals to cooperate in the development of mass sports and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

We are happy to consider proposals for your participation in the organization of competitions, sports and other events held by РO "Mongoose" in the framework of its projects.
PO "Mongoose"